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Displaying Ideas For Your Home


Hi Shanna here from the Scrapping Artistry Blog team, today I was doing some searching for new ideas to post on our Random Tuesday blogs and ran across different articles on how to display your digital scrapping layouts. Hope this post gives you some great ideas to display your work for all to see.

Have you ever created a layout and thought “WOW, I did that”? Then wanted to share it with all the world. Well here you’ll find some ideas of how to display those layouts and have people “Oooo & Ahhh” over it.

Album Display
Something I have done in my home is display one of my 8×8 printed albums in a shelf of my entertainment center. I bought a cheap book easel and then put my printed album on it and volia instant display. The best thing about this type of display is that you can change the pages every so often to display a new set of layouts in your book. Here is a picture of my display (please ignore the dust on the shelves) so you can see what it looks like. I have gotten many guests comment on my album I display and take it down to see the whole thing.












Coffee Table Displays
Probably one of the most common places to display your digital scrapbook albums are on your coffee table along with your other books and flowers, candles, etc. However, in my home this isn’t an option since I have two small children who share the living room with us. But nevertheless, this is a great way to display your albums and have them viewed by guests.

Digital Picture Frames
This is something I never thought of until I ran across a post on another Digiscrapping site on how to display your layouts. This is something I will try soon as I buy a bigger memory card for my digital frame. However, most digital frames are rectangle and not square like most of our layouts so you might have to make some adjustments to your layouts to make them look right on the screen. Another thing I found when I was looking into this was you can modify a digital frame and make it square by buying a square frame and then just using a mat to cover up part of the display screen. You can find the tutorial to do this here.

Single Framed Prints
Many digital scrappers will print out a single layout and frame them in a 12×12 (or whatever size layout you used) frame. Right now this is a project on my to do list since I’m decorating my daughter’s bedroom. I’m making my own scrapbook kit to match the bedding set in her crib and plan to make a few layouts to print out and hang to match everything in her bedding set. Whenever I finish I’ll be sure to post some pictures of the completed project.

If you have any other ideas I didn’t discuss here please leave a comment. I’d love to hear your feedback on this post and let me know if it has helped you in anyway.

Late Thursday Post


Hi my friends, Kara here I know I am so late with this post, but I have a reasonable excuse. Last night my town was hit by a tornado and I have been out of power from 12am until just 4pm. No one was hurt, and no damage happened to my house, just a ton of down tress and so on.  So with that, since I finally have power, I can do my post today.

Today I want to show off a kit from Missy’s Bits Urban Chic! High heels, glitter and more! 10 papers, 24 elements created at 300ppi, also includes metallic alpha! What more could you ask for! Oh and I must mention that this kit is only $3.00!


What girl doesn’t love heels? I know I do, so if you have any pictures of yourself or anyone else in some hot high heels, grab this kit and scrap them pics, and as always please post your layouts here, we love seeing your work, and we always leave comments! Hope everyone has had a great day!

Some Jokes For You


Need a break in your hectic week? Here are some corny jokes that you can share with your family! Have a laugh and feel better – you’re halfway through the week!!!

Q. What do you call a fly that has no wings?
A. A walk.


Q. How does a Rancher count his cattle?
A. With a cowculator.


Q. What do you get when you cross a skunk with a boomerang?
A. A smell you can’t get rid of.


Q. Which side of a dog has the most hair?
A. The outside.


Q. Why don’t turkeys get invited to dinner parties?
A. Because they use fowl language.


Q. What animal drops from the clouds?
A. Raindeer.


Q. What has four legs and goes “Boo”?
A. A cow with a cold.


Q. What do you call fourteen rabbits hopping backwards?
A. A Receding Hareline.


Q. What do you call a baby whale?
A. A little squirt.


Q. What’s a Ducks favorite T.V. show?
A. The Feather Forecast.

Q. What do you get if you cross an Owl and a Skunk?
A. A bird that stinks, but doesn’t give a hoot.

Q. What do you call a flock of ducks playing hide-and-seek?
A. Fowl Play.


Q. How can you tell if a snake is a baby’s?
A. It has a rattle.


Q. What do frogs do with paper?
A. “Rip-it.”


Q. What lies on the ground, 100 feet up in the air?
A. A sleeping centipede.


Q. Which birds steal soap from the bath?
A. Robber Duckies.


Q. What do you get if you cross a frog and a dog?
A. A Croaker Spaniel.


Q. What fish swims at 100mph?
A. A Motor Pike.


Q. What does an eagle like to write with?
A. A Bald-point pen.


Q. What do you get when you cross Bambi with a ghost?
A. Bamboo.


Q. What did the Queen Bee say to the nosy neighbor?
A. “Hey, mind your own bees’ nest!”


Q. Why is “H” the funnest letter?
A. Because it’s at the start of every Holiday.


Q. Why did the traffic light turn red?
A. It was embarrassed to have to change in front of everyone.


Q. What kind of Mexican food can give you frostbite?
A. A Burrr-ito!


Q. Do you file your nails?
A. No, I throw them away.


Q. What’s the difference between a butcher and an insomniac?
A. One weighs a steak and the other stays awake.


Q. Why did the boy throw the butter out the window?
A. He wanted to see a butterfly.


Q. What do you call a Hippie’s wife?
A. Mississippi.


Q. What’s the difference between Roast Beef and Pea Soup?
A. Anyone can roast beef.


Q. What happened to the wooden car with wooden wheels and a wooden engine?
A. It wooden go.

Q. What’s bright orange and sounds like a parrot?
A. A Carrot.


Q. Why did the Cyclops close his school?
A. He only had one Pupil.


Q. What’s Black and White and Red all over.
A. A Newspaper! (or a penguin with a sunburn, or a zebra with a rash . . .)

Q. Who can tell someone where to ‘get off’ and get away with it?
A. A Bus Driver.


Q. What do you get if you cross a bag of chips and a lawnmower?
A. Shredded Treat.


Q. What is worse than seeing a sharks fin?
A. Seeing the sharks tonsils.


Q. What do Trees wear when they go the the pool?
A. Swimming Trunks.


Q. How many witches does it take to change a light bulb?
A. Just one, but she changes it into a toad.

Setting up a wireless network


One of the best things I have done since coming back to digital scrapbooking is setting up a wireless home network between my laptop and desktop computers. If you have a wireless router in your home it’s very easy to set a network up if both computers are Windows 7. By setting up this wireless network I now can access everything on my desktop computer and also the external hard drive I have connected to my desktop computer, all from the comfort of my livingroom sofa or bed.

If you are interested in setting up a network you can go to Windows online and follow their instructions there. It’s pretty easy. Just click this link below and you’ll be set up pretty quickly.
Setting up a Wireless Network in Windows 7

Monday’s Meal – Robots


Christie here today bringing you a school special Monday’s Meal. Since schools are starting back soon or in some places have already started back, you will need fun lunches or after school snacks for the kids.  I have fell in love with Pintrest like many others lately and love searching the site for fun and creative things for my boys.  I came across these Robots that would be perfect for kids. The kids can even help you make them and add their own special touches to them.

First is Robot sandwiches












You can find this at Cutest Food

You can add all types of fruits, vegetables, cheeses…really anything    your child would like.


Next is Juice Box Robots













You can find these at Making Memories… One Fun Thing After Another

You can use anything to make these cute robots, and I used double stick tape since my son was helping me and I don’t like to use the hot glue gun with him yet. He picked out the candies he wanted to use.


Now want these be cute to find in a child’s lunch box?  I think so.  Also if this is their first year in school it might help them break the ice with other children and help them make new friends.

Well I hope you enjoyed todays Mondays Meal.  Get creative and make something fun with the kids today.  Also show us some photos of it or even a layout.

Wacky Whimsical Layouts


Do you ever do wacky layouts? I don’t know about you, maybe it’s just my family, but I get a lot of wacky photos of these people! It’s only natural that I end up with a lot of wacky layouts.  I even have a couple of them from back in the days when I paper scrapped. (Don’t judge too harshly, this was at least ten years ago – I kind of cringe when I look at them thinking about how I would improve them today – but my kids love to look at the old ones,  so I leave them alone. )

I’m going to share a couple of them with you because I think it’s a good idea to cut loose sometimes and make some fun wacky layouts. These are the ones my kids like to look back on the best – the laugh every time they look through the albums and that makes me happy that they have these fun memories preserved.

Now, a great deal of wackiness that happens in our family begins with my nephew, he’s just a goofy kid and that’s part of why we love him! When he was little, he was obsessed with Batman – so naturally I have a ton of photos with him in Batman clothing/capes/costumes so this layout idea came to me when I was looking at all the Batman type photos – I mean he even tried to call his mom “Alfred” (which didn’t fly) so it seemed natural to envision him as a little Bruce Wayne/Batman.

Here’s another one – a layout of some of the crazy outfits we photographed my nephew wearing (or not wearing as the case may be – I mean this kid didn’t want to wear clothes until he was in junior high, I swear! If you’re wondering, he’s turned out to be a pretty well adjusted teenager.). I made this layout with plans to one day show his future fiancee these . . .  (again forgive the early amateur layout style)

Maybe these have given you some ideas or inspirations for your own wacky layouts. Here are a few more from out CT members . . . see, we’re all a bit crazy around here!

by Kathyrn

by Kara

by Memi

by Angi

Monday’s Meal ~ Easy Lemon-Strawberry Cake & Freebie


Todays recipe comes from Missy.

Easy Lemon-Strawberry Cake

  • 1 box white cake mix (and ingredients according to box- usually eggs and oil)
  • 1 can strawberry pie filling
  • 1 tsp lemon extract
  • 1 tub whipped white frosting
  • 8oz heavy cream

Prepare cake mix according to package directions. Bake in two 9 inch round pans. Cool completely.
Place first layer of cake on plate. Top with pie filling, reserving 2-3 tablespoons for icing. Place second layer on top.

In large bowl pour whipping cream and lemon extract and beat on medium speed until soft peaks form(usually just a couple of minutes). Fold in tub of whipped frosting and 2-3 tbls of strawberry pie filling.

Frost your cake and refrigerate until ready to serve. You can also garnish with some fresh berries.


Missy also made you guys a freebie, a recipe card template.

Click image or HERE to download.


Hope you enjoy this delicious cake.

Happy Scrapping, Christie

What’s Your Next Album??


The other day I was looking back at all the completed digital scrapping albums I have created and had printed for my oldest daughter, and I thought it might be a good blog post to include some ideas I’ve had in the last few years for albums that I still haven’t created.LOL! Anyway, for inspiration here are some ideas for albums you might consider when you are looking for something new to scrap.

ABC Album

Alot of scrappers enjoy making ABC albums for their kids. I in fact have completed one of these for my daughter and it was a lot of fun making it. It is also one of my most favorite albums. All you do is make a page for each letter of the alphabet. You can make “A” for “Adorable” or “Athletic” or “Angel”, whatever you’d like and just scrap a page dedicated to that letter. You can also have a lot of fun with fonts and word art when making these pages.

Pregnancy Albums
Ok so I do have one of these too. When I was pregnant with my first daughter I journaled on a forum I was very active on everyday. So a couple a years later when I got into digital scrapping I went back and copied all those journaling entries and then tooks bits and pieces of it and made it into a beautiful album. Some of the pages don’t contain pictures just pretty papers and elements along with a day or two of journaling bits. Other pages may have a ultrasound picture and journaling from the time that ultrasound was taken. I also have a page of just a picture of her nursery and journaling on how we decorated it. One of my favorite pages is one of these beautiful dresses I bought on vacation I found on clearance for very cheap and I journaled about how I couldn’t wait to see my daughter wearing those dresses. I’m so glad I made this album it will be something special to share with my daughter when she’s older. However, I didn’t do so well journaling with my 2nd pregnancy so I don’t forsee an album being made for my youngest daughter. :(

Family Recipe Album
This is one I’ve wanted to make, but just haven’t found time or the recipes to include. The idea came to me a few years back to make an album dedicated to all my family and include some all time favorite recipes each person made. My grandmother made the most wonderful peanut briddle at Christmas time and I have her recipe and did manage to scrap one layout with that recipe and a picture of her on it. This album I want to make to remember family members who have passed on and those who are great cooks so when they to pass on we’ll have this recipe book in dedication to them. I really need to work on this one.

365 Day Album
Another idea I have seen around, but never attempted. Basically you just scrap a page layout everyday about that day. So at the end of the year you have an entire album dedicated to preserving your everyday memories. Fun, but not something you’d want to have printed for your coffee table book.

People who love you album
I made this album for my daughter because I had so many pictures of her from her first year with everyone in the family from grandparents to aunts and uncles and of course cousins. It was a fun easy book to put together using those pictures you have of your child with everyone in the family so they can look back and see how well they were loved by so many people in their lives.

 Favorite Things Album
I had an idea to make an album of all my daughter’s favorite things now that she’s older. I made a list of those favorite things, everything from her favorite food, color, book, singer, cartoon, etc., etc….But again I have this on my “to do list”. This would be a fun easy book to put together though if you are looking for something to spark some creativity and really chonicle the person’s life.

Milestones book
Another fun idea for scrapping about your kids. Instead of filling a boring baby book with all this infomation how about just making it into a scrapbook and include tons of pictures of your child through these important milestones in life.

Vacation/Road Trip Album
I have yet to make one of these because I haven’t really had a long enough vacation to fill a book with multiple layouts. I may however compile a bunch of family vacations into one book. There are so many fun scrapbook kits out there to make a great album.

Engagement/ Wedding/Honeymoon Album
I’ve been working on this album for a while now but haven’t completed it. You can include pages like your first date, to picking out rings, flowers, your dress, etc., etc.

Ok so I’ve probably given you all a lot of ideas for your next album, but there are so many more ideas out there. If you have any great ideas or have an album you have completed you’d like to share please comment we’d love to hear your ideas.

Happy Scrapping,
Scrapping Artistry Blog Team

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