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Are You Getting All the Scrapping Artistry News???


Hi, Shanna here with your weekly challenge from our team here at Scrapping Artistry. This week is a simple challenge that will benefit you in the long run. We all love great scrapping deals right? Well if you aren’t signed up for the Scrapping Artistry Newsletter you are missing out each week on great sales, freebies, and more. So what are you waiting for sign up it’s right here on this page to the right. Here is a screen shot to help you find it:

Along with the Newsletter each of our designers have their own Facebook Fan Pages so you should also “LIKE” them for freebies and special Facebook only promotions.

Missy’s Bits Facebook

SugarMoon’s Facebook

And don’t forget their store’s sites that also offer great deals and promotions:

With Love Studio Facebook

MyMemories Facebook

Divine Digital Facebook

 Our management team here also have some really great Facebook pages dedicated to their scrapping stuff and they run Exclusive Freebies from time to time so “LIKE” them as well so you can get all the goodies ;)

Amber’s Facebook Fanpage

Kara’s Facebook Fanpage

Shanna’s Facebook Fanpage

Also please don’t forget Kara’s Challenge to support CF Awareness this month! If you haven’t heard please go read all about it HERE and do your part to help support her disease!!


Thursday Tutorials: Changing Background Paper into Shapes


Hi there! Melissa T. is here to bring you another Thursday Tutorial. This week, we will be discussing how to turn background papers into mats, frames, and other shapes. Sometimes, you will find that you have used a picture, but the embellishments are too busy for use in your layout. Sometimes, you will want to add a little something special to your layout, but you do not want to distract from the picture inside it. And sometimes, you will decide that the coordinating background papers are too beautiful not to incorporate into your layout. In all of these instances, changing a background paper into a mat, frame, or shape is just the skill you need in your bag of digital scrapbooking tricks to make your layout really “pop.”
Once again, Lisa J. from MyMemories has created a video and a PDF demonstrating just how to do this in your MyMemories Software. If you currently do not own this #1 rated digital scrabooking suite, then I highly recommend buying it. You may find a coupon for $10 off the Suite on the right hand side of the page. However, if you choose to create a shape from an “Outside Content” digital software pack, then you must import the paper as a picture. Once it has been imported into your software, you may then select the “Photos” tab on the left hand side of the program, then press the “shape” button.  The MyMemories Suite V3 offers a wide varied of shapes from which to choose ranging from three sizes of circles to diamonds, hearts, and frames.

I personally use this feature all of the time, but it is not necessary to use it only for background paper. Any picture may be formed into a shape other than a square. To supply a sample for you, I have created a page using Sugar Moon’s “April Showers” Mini Kit. This kit will be made available later this week at her shop at With Love Studio. The coordinating Alphabet may be found on Missy’s Bits Facebook Fan page under the “Exclusive” tab. This is a beautiful example of a free kit that you will use as “Outside Content” with the MyMemories Suite V3.

Enjoy the Freebie, make a memory, and be sure to have a camera on hand!

We also want to mention that today is the last day for 15% off over at Mymemories! Make sure to stop by and get your savings today!

New TimeLine Banner


Hi, Amber here with your Tuesday treasures! First I would like to talk about a Facebook Hop that includes awesome free mini kits to make one huge Collab kit Called April Showers by the designers from With Love Studios. I myself joined in today on the Facebook hop and am very excited for this kit.
Here is a Layout that I made with the many pieces of the multiple mini kits :) This is one of my four children Rebecca :)
And the font used is A safe place to fall

You need to start on With Love Studios Facebook Page :)

Now on to our Tuesday treasure, not that getting 11 pieces to a collab kit isn’t treasure enough!!! I have for you a Facebook Cover Banner for your new Facebook Timeline, made by our very own blog manager, Shanna. So snatch this little treasure now and be ready for Facebook’s conversion to the new timeline layout come Friday.

Here is your preview and Download Enjoy :)

Coming Soon….Facebook HOP


Hi, Shanna here with your weekly Friday Finds. This week has been a very busy week for me. I’ve had so much going on in my life this week and just getting back into a routine after last week being our Spring Break. Anyway, enough about me. I just wanted to let everyone know that next week will be another very busy week for the designers over at With Love Studio. If you haven’t visited there shop and forums you should because it’s a great place with a lot of great designer’s including our very own Sugar Moon Designs. The reason I’m mentioning With Love Studio is because starting next week a lot of exciting new changes are being made to their site as they “grow” into a new server. But never fear, although they will be temporarily closed {for about a week starting March 26th} the great designers over there are having a Facebook Hop and offering a FREE collab kit on each of their Facebook Fan Pages. So starting Monday, March 26th you can go to each of the designer’s Facebook Fan page and “LIKE” them {if you haven’t already} and pick up each piece of this amazing collab kit entitled “April Showers”. And did I mention it is FREE!!! So what are you waiting for click on the links below to go to each participating designer’s Facebook Fan page and “LIKE” them TODAY!

 {image is linked to Facebook fan page}

Ad Reads:

While we move Join us for a…Facebook Hop

Participating Designers: {click designer’s name to go to their Facebook Fan Page}
FranB Designs
Sugar Moon Designs
Matilda Designs
shmooangel Designs

Designs by Angel

IvoryKeys Digital Dreams 

Simple Girl Scraps
Scrapamondo by Monica
Kelsey {Inspired} Studios
Missy’s Bits

*Please Note*
The hop will start on the WLS Facebook Page . You will have to “LIKE” the designers on Facebook to get the parts of the kit.
{Links will be posted on Facebook on March 26th until April 2nd, while With Love Studio is closed temporarily due to moving our server.}


Oh and would you like to see a better color swatch of the kit being given away? Sure why not!


Wacky for Facebook Banners-Challenge!!


Hi, Shanna here with your Wacky for Wednesday blog post. This month we’ll feature games, challenges, and such to help with inspiration you may need to get you going on your scrapping adventures. This week I wanted to feature a challenge one of our bloggers, Dawn, posted on her personal blog last week about making Facebook timeline banners in the MyMemories software.

” I wanted to share how to create one using my memories software. When you first open your My Memories Software you will select “design your own” for album. Then select the landscape option, and change the size to 850 pixels by 315 pixels.  It will look like this.

Once you have selected the size, you can then place in the background papers, elements and photos just as you would with any normal layout. “
Reposted from Dawn’s Delights Art (to read the entire blog click here)

If you don’t own MyMemories, you can purchase at their website by clicking the icon on the right side of our blog and be sure to use the $10 off coupon code posted here on our blog to get your discount and your free RAKstar membership through March 31st.

Now if you like to use Photoshop or another program, creating a Facebook timeline banner would be very similar to what Dawn described here in her blog. You would just want to open up your program and be sure to choose the 850 pixels by 315 pixel dimensions to start your banner layout. Or if you’d rather work with a template that has been created in PSD file format here is a good one on DeviantArt that I found.

So for this week’s challenge I challenge all of you to go and design yourself a new facebook timeline banner to reflect your style as an artist and then link back here with your profile page link so we can see your work.

Here is my latest Facebook Banner, I made using Sugar Moon’s Lillypads and Lightning Bugs  and
Missy’s Bits Mint Plum & Garden Whimsy for the name graphic seen on the banner


Shamrocks and Sunshine Facebook Cover Freebie


Ambie here with your Tuesday Treasures! I will be doing our blog posts on Tuesday for the Month of March!

First, I want to talk about MyMemories. If you haven’t been over there yet you should definitely go! Make sure to check out two of my favorite designers, Missy’s Bits and Sugarmoon Designs. I also am part of their creative team which has allowed me to bring you the awesome treasure for today.

They have just released a collab kit together over at MyMemories called Shamrocks and Sunshine. And as I love everything “lucky” or having to do with Saint Patrick’s Day.

I instantly fell in love with this kit!!!

I mean seriously how cute is this kit!!! I love all of the aspects they have included here for us!

Not only is it “lucky” and Saint Patrick’s Day themed it is a very versitile kit for spring!

Here is the Facebook Cover I have created for you. Please download and Enjoy. Make sure to head over to MyMemories and check them out as well!


Thursday Trends: Pinterest


Hi, there all of you readers in Blog Land.  My name is Melissa, and I am a new blogger for  You can eagerly await my posts every Thursday when I will be bringing you tips, trends, tutorials, and even a speed scrap or two.   To start, my muse and I would like to send you a little digital inspiration.  I don’t know how many of you have viewed your own Facebook profiles or read the feeds of your many friends lately, but seems to be the next “Big Thing” when it comes to the world wide web.  I have had my own Pinterest page for several months now, but recently, I am finding that all types of companies (even digital scrapbook artists) are using Pinterest as a way of publicizing their own materials, coordinating ideas and color swatches, and determining how many “likes” each “pin” may have before coming out with new products.  Unfortunately, not all of us are designers, but I have decided that all of us have a use for

So you may be asking, “Melissa, what does this mean for me?”  Well, I will tell you: if you are anything like I am, you probably have Vision Boards, Creativity Shrines, French Memo Boards, or even just a scrapbook of goodies you would like to purchase for yourself filled with the rather unsightly push pins of blue and yellow (or in my case, several cork boards filled with staples.)  Pinterest allows you to create numerous digital boards where you can store those ideas/ pictures that you find anywhere on the web all in one place.  Your friends or “Followers” can see your pins, comment, like, and repin.  Right now, I have 9 boards ranging from clothing I want to own, recipes I wish to try,  personal retreats, art I love, and innovative ways to revamp my herb garden.  The possibilities are as wide and varied as your imagination allows.

So, for Thursday’s Tip/ Trend, I would like you all to flood the proverbial gates of Pinterest and create at least 3 boards of your own.  Be sure to grab the  “Pin It” Button under “Goodies/About” which will allow you to pin any picture on any webpage directly to your own Pinterest boards from your own bookmark toolbar.  And who knows, maybe by the end of the week, you will be able to find a link on our own blog to Pinterest.

Speed Scrap and MORE!


Hello everyone! Hope your week is off to a great start!

Have you heard that Sugar Moon Designs is now available at MyMemories!?

We’re pretty excited about it – and we will be getting kits into the store just as soon as possible – there are already several available and ON SALE!

You can of course, find Missy’s Bits at MyMemories too – and her entire store is 30% off all week long!!!

Don’t forget to check out the MyMemories Facebook page too – they are trying to get to 10,000 fans and then they’re giving away an ipad!!!

They’re up to 7000 now and wow! they’ve been giving away all kinds of stuff left and right – free software, free kits, shopping sprees – get on over there and join in the FUN!

Of course you can find Missy’s Bits and Sugar Moon on Facebook too – it’s a great way to keep up to date with what’s going on with them – and they’ve got some great fan freebies for you  – check out their  “exclusive”  links on the left hand side of their pages.

Lastly, we’d love to see you at our speed scrap! We’ve got a great prize for you and it’s going to be LOTS of FUN!!

Check out this awesome prize!!!

We hope to see you all there!!!

More Good Stuff


Today is the Ides of March, which was a really bad day for Caesar, but it can be a GREAT day for you!!  If you swing by Missy’s Bits Facebook page, she has a very pretty fan exclusive for you – and yes, it’s FREE!!!

If you haven’t already picked up Sugar Moon’s Facebook Exclusive, stop by there also, she’s got a cute kit to share with you as well! On both pages, you will need to “like” the designer, then click on the “exclusive” link on the left hand side of the page.  We’re so happy to have you as fans and we want to show our appreciation with these gifts! Don’t forget to tell your friends – because it’s always nice to share!!